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Poll results

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The poll about your favourite topics is completed!
According to the results, your favourite topics are sports and technology, which means that I'll be publishing more posts about these topics.

But don't worry! I'll continue posting about science and history, too.

I also want to apologise for not posting many posts this week, but we're really busy at the moment. Many posts are coming soon, so stay connected!

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sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

The McDonald´s secret

The McDonald´s secret

Hey guys, today i´m going to talk to you about McDonald's and why it is so popular.
We all know McDonald´s, it's one of the most famous companies in the world. McDonald´s have more than 1.700.000 workers around all the world and they have more than 36.000 restaurants in 109 countries. The first restaurant was opened in 1940 and produce more than$ annually, but why McDonald´s? Why not Burger King or KFC?
During his history, McDonald´s was not as famous as nowadays, but, they knew how to increase benefits.
In the beginning, McDonald´s had good benefits but not excelente, in 1940, it was bad seen that someone ate in excess and, though they were purifying the last crumbs of the hamburgers
and the last drops of the refreshments, they didn't ask for more. When they realised that, they knew what to do. They added to the menu hamburgers XL, XXL, and in some restaurants XXXL.

Resultado de imagen de menu xxxl del macdonalds
They added too complements like chicken wings or nuggets, making you eat more without feeling bad, and the benefits of McDonald´s increased.
That is not the only way that they have obtained their reputation, McDonald´s have a great advertising  campaign behind his great success: The playgrounds, the colours red and yellow, the almost missed Ronald McDonald´s and the new toys in the Happy Meal make that thousand of children wants to go to McDonald´s and, they will be accompanied by their parents what means more benefits,
Resultado de imagen de ronald mcdonald
But there is something more than a good marketing strategy, and the reason why we all love McDonald´s food is because they put Monosodium glutamate in all their products. Monosodium glutamate is a substance that creates addiction like a drug but it is completely legal, actually, we can found Monosodium glutamate in fruits and vegetables too. That is why many people say that funk food is a drug, because practically, it is.
So the benefits of McDonald's were achieved thanks to a very good advertising campaign, a good product, a good service, a great idea and some help given by Monosodium glutamate.

See you in my next post.


Hey guys, in today's post I will be giving you 10 curiosities or surprising facts about a very special country, North Korea.

As you all probably know, North Korea is presided by Kim Jong-Un, a dictator who has left North Korean apart from the rest of the world.
So here are the 10 curiosities:

  • It's funny the fact that the full country's name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea, because there is only one possible president to vote for, Kim Jong-Un. 
  • They use a different and unique calendar, which started from the founder's birthday. For example, now they are in the year 106.
  • They have their very own time zone. Kim Jong-Un decided to change 30 minutes on the time so that they don't have the same time than Japan.
  • They built an empty city next to the frontier with South Korea so that they could attract them. It's a ghost city, nobody lives there. Lights are switched on and off automatically and streets are cleaned so that it looks like a normal city.
  • If someone commits a crime, the 3 next generations will also be punished. What does this mean? In other words, the criminal's sons and grandsons will be punished for their familiar crime. This is because Kim thinks they are also guilty. Weird, right?
  • Weed is legal, which is really strange considering the fact that there are lots of restrictions in this country. Kim Jong-Un even recommends it, as he said it is healthier than tobacco.
  • Internet is only for govern members and workers, and most of social media networks and international webs are censured in North Korea.
  • There are almost no lights at night, as there is no enough energy for this.
  • People can only wear 15 different styles of haircuts, and Kim Jong-Un's peculiar one is not available.
  • North Korea has only 3 TV channels, which again shows how limited is North Korea.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if so leave a comment and stay connected for the next post.

Your daily curiosity.

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Bitcoins: Digital gold

Hey guys, today I want to teach you many interesting things about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.
Do you know what a dolar, a pound or a euro is? It's just a piece of paper or metal where is written a amount. All right, now I'm sure that you have wondered about why we give that importance to that simple thing.
Bitcoin's value isn't fixed because the amount of coins that can exist is limited. Now a days, the limit is at 21 000 000 Bitcoins. Now, when I'm writing this post the price of a bitcoin is about 2000€  and it will probably rise in the future.
How bitcoins work? That's a complex process because a bitcoin is created by an algorithm. It's a mathematic formula. And when more bitcoins are generated, the next bitcoins are a bit harder to calculate. So, when more bitcoins are generated, the remainings are harder and more expensive to earn.

When someone does a transaction, the data is registered on a global server. This system is called Blockchain. Is very important to keep all saved because if It's not, the data could be manipulated. This type of organisation is based on a network Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
This networks are very popular to download files. It consist on maintain all the data saved on many servers called seeds or leechers. A seed shares his file to other seed. The file is complete, but a leecher hasn't got the full file, it only has a part. So, if a file has 0 seeds, doesnt matter the amount of leecheers that exist, nobody has the full file. 

This system is vital to many programs such as uTorrent. The file is saved in many servers and then it's shared to the user who wants to download it.

Finally, I want to give a important advice. There are faucet webs that are fake. So when you are going to withdraw your earned bitcoins or whaterver coin, you won't receive the payment. This type of pages are called scam. You can avoid this pages by searching opinions of people that use that web. I have been scammed about 0.0002 bitcoins that I worked for earn it.

Well, in the next post I'm going to talk about how to earn FREE bitcoins and doges. Why doges? Because this coin has increased his value.
See you soon!

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